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A ((nite) Fibonacci string F n is deened as follows: F 0 = b, F 1 = a; for every integer n 2, F n = F n?1 F n?2. For n 1, the length of F n is denoted by f n = jF n j. The innnite Fibonacci string F is the string which contains every F n , n 1, as a preex. Apart from their general theoretical importance, Fibonacci strings are often cited as worst case(More)
Objective: The study objectives were to develop and validate a substance use disorder screening instrument for vocational rehabilitation customers. Beginning with the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory–3 (SASSI-3), the authors developed items pertaining to prescription medication misuse and modified other items. Research Method/Design: Data were(More)
A lack of demographic information and data related to the achievement of short-term goals during substance abuse treatment among persons who are deaf or hard of hearing dictated the need for the study. New York State maintains a database on all individuals who participate in treatment. Within this database, 1.8% of persons in treatment for substance use(More)
Acute and chronic efficacy tests of stiripentol (4,4-dimethyl-1-[3,4-(methylenedioxy)-phenyl]-1-penten-3-ol) were conducted in alumina-gel rhesus monkeys. In the acute study (n = 6), discrete serial seizures precipitated by 150 mg/kg of 4-deoxypyridoxine hydrochloride were challenged by intravenous administration of stiripentol and the data compared with(More)
Let x denote a given nonempty string of length n = jxj 1. A string u is a cover of x if and only if every position of x lies within an occurrence of u within x. Thus x is always a cover of itself. In this paper we characterize all the covers of x in terms of an easily computed normal form for x. The characterization theorem then gives rise to a simple(More)
This note corrects an error in a paper recently published in this journal (An optimal algorithm to compute all the covers of a string, IPL 50-5 (1994) 239-246). The correction consists primarily of a new subalgorithm which is called by COMPUTE COVERS, the main algorithm presented in the paper referenced. It turns out that the new subalgorithm is itself(More)