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Gap junction channels are intercellular conduits that allow diffusional exchange of ions, second messengers, and metabolites. Human oligodendrocytes express the gap junction protein connexin47 (Cx47), which is encoded by the GJC2 gene. The autosomal recessive mutation hCx47M283T causes Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-like disease 1 (PMLD1), a progressive(More)
In this study, we have investigated the contribution of oligodendrocytic connexin47 (Cx47) and astrocytic Cx30 to panglial gap junctional networks as well as myelin maintenance and function by deletion of both connexin coding DNAs in mice. Biocytin injections revealed complete disruption of oligodendrocyte-to-astrocyte coupling in the white matter of 10- to(More)
Panglial networks are essential for normal physiology in the CNS, and the function of distinct connexins participating in these networks is not well understood. We generated Connexin32 (Cx32)-deficient mice with additional deletion of astrocytic Cx43 to explore the role of both connexins in panglial networks. Cx43/Cx32 double knock-out (dKO) mice revealed(More)
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