Dennis Manzer

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Two human lymphoblast cell lines, LICR-LON-HMy2 (HMy2 cells) and GM4672A cells, are moderately growth inhibited by dexamethasone (1,4-pregnadien-9-fluoro-16 alpha-methyl-11 beta, 17 alpha, 21-triol-3,20-dione) (Dex). Both cell types secrete a urokinase (UK)-like plasminogen activator (PA). Treatment of both HMy2 and GM4672A cells with Dex for 1-4 days(More)
LICR-LON-HMy2 cells (HMy2 cells), an established line of human myeloma lymphoblasts, produce and secrete IgG, and have been used for production of human-human hybridomas. We have previously shown that HMy2 cells are growth-inhibited by glucocorticoids and contain high affinity, saturable, steroid-specific glucocorticoid receptors. Here we report that(More)
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