Dennis Manzer

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Haplosporidan parasites were observed in 10/100 spat and 1/171 adult Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, reared in Matsushima Bay, Japan. Eight of the infected spat contained mild to severe plasmodial infections. The multinucleated plasmodia were 6-12 microm x 7-15 microm and were associated with an infiltration of hemocytes that occurred throughout the(More)
This paper will provide a case study of a particularly dificult debug problem (the Holey Shmoo problem) which developed while designing the IBM System1390 G6 637MH.z microprocessor chip. Resolution of this problem involved the use of some of today’s newest DFDIDFT and diagnostics techniques. The discussion of the Holey Shmoo problem and its debug will serve(More)
Two human lymphoblast cell lines, LICR-LON-HMy2 (HMy2 cells) and GM4672A cells, are moderately growth inhibited by dexamethasone (1,4-pregnadien-9-fluoro-16 alpha-methyl-11 beta, 17 alpha, 21-triol-3,20-dione) (Dex). Both cell types secrete a urokinase (UK)-like plasminogen activator (PA). Treatment of both HMy2 and GM4672A cells with Dex for 1-4 days(More)
LICR-LON-HMy2 cells (HMy2 cells), an established line of human myeloma lymphoblasts, produce and secrete IgG, and have been used for production of human-human hybridomas. We have previously shown that HMy2 cells are growth-inhibited by glucocorticoids and contain high affinity, saturable, steroid-specific glucocorticoid receptors. Here we report that(More)
A simplified method of DNA sequencing by dideoxy chain termination is developed that approaches a single-step protocol. Utilizing the sequencing advantages contributed by a thermophilic polymerase and a guanine analog, stable sequencing reaction concentrates have been obtained that readily perform the entire sequencing reaction simply by adding prepared DNA(More)
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