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Upscaling from a catchment scale to a regional scale is generally rendered difficult by the lack of relevant and precise data at the larger scale. In this case, a winter rill erosion hazard map was produced for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region using a linear regression erosion model originally designed for the catchment scale. Upscaling entailed adapting and(More)
Effective erosion control requires both a sound understanding of the physical context and sufficient motivation on the part of farmers to act, and in Europe this almost inevitably depends on financial subsidies. In southwest France, intense spring and summer storms lead to large scale sediment deposition on roadways, and cleanup costs are a major concern(More)
Soil crusting decreases infiltration, increases erosion, and impedes vegetation establishment, so reducing the impact of crusting is of major importance in combating desertification. Although surface crusting has been the subject of considerable research over the past 50 years or more, the practical management of soil crusts remains a challenge for many(More)
  • D M Fox
  • 2011
Forest fires are common in Mediterranean environments and may become increasingly more frequent as the climate changes. Destruction of the forest cover and litter layer leads to greater overland flow and increased erosion rates. The greatest risk occurs during the first rainstorms following a major fire, so local authorities must act quickly to put erosion(More)
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