Dennis M. Fisher

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UNLABELLED Dexmedetomidine is a selective alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist with centrally mediated sympatholytic, sedative, and analgesic effects. This study evaluated: 1) pharmacokinetics of dexmedetomidine in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in surgical patients; 2) precision of a computer-controlled infusion protocol (CCIP) for dexmedetomidine during the(More)
To determine the effect of end-stage renal disease on the pharmacokinetics of reocuronium bromide (ORG 9426), a new nondepolarizing monoquaternary steroidal neuromuscular blocking drug, the authors administered 600 micrograms/kg rocuronium (2 x ED95) intravenously to ten patients undergoing cadaver renal transplantation and ten healthy patients undergoing(More)
To evaluate nasally administered sufentanil, 1.5-4.5 micrograms/kg, for pre-induction (i.e., pre-medication/induction) of anesthesia in pediatric patients, the authors studied ASA PS 1 or 2 patients scheduled for elective surgery. Eighty children, ages 6 months to 7 yr, were randomized to receive sufentanil (1.5, 3.0, or 4.5 micrograms/kg) or placebo(More)
Newborn stepping is widely believed to be a "primitive reflex" whose disappearance signals cortical maturation. Observations of normal newborns showed that the number of steps was directly related to generalized behavioral arousal. In less highly distressed infants, those who were relatively heavier for their length stepped less. These results challenge the(More)
Infection of macrophage lineage cells is a feature of primate lentivirus replication, and several properties of primate lentiviruses seem to have evolved to promote the infection of macrophages. Here we demonstrate that the accessory gene product Nef induces the production of two CC-chemokines, macrophage inflammatory proteins 1alpha and 1beta, by(More)
BACKGROUND Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are common causes of insomnia for millions of individuals. We did a phase II study to establish efficacy and physiological mechanism, and a phase III study to confirm efficacy of the melatonin agonist tasimelteon (VEC-162) for treatment of transient insomnia associated with shifted sleep and wake time. METHODS(More)
Pitrakinra, a 15-kDa recombinant human interleukin-4 mutein, targets allergic Th2 inflammation by competitively binding to interleukin-4 receptor alpha to interfere with interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 action. The authors characterized pitrakinra pharmacokinetics using data from 96 atopic patients, then compared pharmacokinetics with pharmacological(More)
BACKGROUND Dichloroacetate (DCA) is an effective alternative to bicarbonate to treat lactic acidosis and stabilize acid-base homeostasis during liver transplantation. Although DCA presumably is metabolized by the liver, the impact of end-stage liver disease and liver transplantation on DCA distribution and elimination is unknown. Therefore, the(More)
Although mivacurium is eliminated by plasma cholinesterase, previous investigations have revealed either no relationship or limited correlation between mivacurium infusion rates (IRs) and plasma cholinesterase activity. Assuming that such a relationship should exist, we used a novel approach to better demonstrate the relationship in humans. Fourteen(More)