Dennis L. Eggett

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Programmers are often required to develop in multiple languages. In an effort to study the effects of programming language fragmentation on productivity—and ultimately on a programmer's problem solving abilities—we propose a metric , language entropy, for characterizing the distribution of an individual's development efforts across multiple programming(More)
—In 2001 Prechelt et al. published the results of a controlled experiment in software maintenance comparing design patterns to simpler solutions. Since that time, only one replication of the experiment has been performed (published in 2004). The replication found remarkably (though not surprisingly) different results. In this paper we present the results of(More)
The aim of this investigation was to develop, digitally record, evaluate, and equate Mandarin trisyllabic words, which could then be used to measure the SRT. A selection of 90 frequently utilized trisyllabic words were digitally recorded by male and female talkers of Standard Mandarin and presented to 20 normally hearing subjects at 13 intensity levels (-10(More)
Connexin-36 (Cx36) gap junctions (GJs) appear to be involved in the synchronization of GABA interneurons in many brain areas. We have previously identified a population of Cx36-connected ventral tegmental area (VTA) GABA neurons that may regulate mesolimbic dopamine (DA) neurotransmission, a system implicated in reward from both natural behaviors and drugs(More)
This study retrospectively analyzed demographic factors that may affect the prevalence of intestinal parasites among Guatemalan school children. The findings of the study showed that young age, wet season, female gender, and severe malnutrition all correlated positively with increased rates of infection. Clinical visits were performed on 10,586 school(More)
Many studies in the past reported that crash frequencies during construction time were higher than during non-construction time at the same highway sections. A question was raised whether this trend applies to work zones in Utah. Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation and histogram), a paired t-test, a two-way ANOVA, and a Tukey test were used to(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop, digitally record, evaluate, and psychometrically equate a set of Mandarin bisyllabic word lists for use in measurement of speech discrimination. Familiar bisyllabic words were digitally recorded by male and female talkers of Standard Mandarin. Percentage of correct word recognition was measured for each word at ten(More)
Skeletal muscle responds to exercise-induced damage by orchestrating an adaptive process that protects the muscle from damage by subsequent bouts of exercise, a phenomenon called the repeated bout effect (RBE). The mechanisms underlying the RBE are not understood. We hypothesized that an attenuated inflammation response following a repeated bout of(More)
The S31N amantadine-resistance mutation in the influenza A M2 sequence currently occurs more frequently in nature than the S31 wild type. Overcoming the resistance of the S31N mutation is the primary focus of M2 researchers who aim to develop novel antiviral therapies. Recent studies have noted a possible rise in frequency of the V27A/S31N double(More)
Despite the large number of individuals who speak Russian, only a limited number of high-quality speech audiometry materials are available in a standard dialect of Russian. Thus, the purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate speech audiometry materials that can be used to measure word recognition and SRT testing in quiet for native speakers of(More)