Dennis L. Doubleday

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In this paper we describe Durra, a language designed to Support PMS-level programming, and its runtime environment. Users of networks of heterogeneous processors are concerned with allocating specialized resources to tasks of medium to large size. They need to create processes, which are instances of tasks, allocate these processes to processors, and(More)
Durra is a language and support environment for the specification and execution of distributed Ada applications. A Durra programmer describes an application as a collection of processes and data links. More complicated application descriptions may also include a structuring of this collection that varies dynamically according to a set of reconfiguration(More)
Durra is a language designed to support the construction of distributed applications using concurrent, coarse-grain tasks running on networks of heterogeneous processors. An application written in Durra describes the tasks to be instantiated and executed as concurrent processes, the types of data to be exchanged by the processes, and the intermediate queues(More)
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