Dennis Kozlowski

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We provide evidence that religiosity deters undesirable corporate behavior. Firms headquartered in more religious counties are less likely to backdate options, practice aggressive earnings management, and be the target of class action securities lawsuits. In addition, we find that our measures of religiosity are negatively correlated with the size of(More)
The announcement in January of the merger between America Online and Time Warner marked the convergence of the two most important business trends of the last five years--the rise of the Internet and the resurgence of mergers and acquisitions. M&A activity is at a fever pitch, spurred in large part by the breathtaking influx of capital into the Internet(More)
Purpose – Current headlines depicting the billion dollar government bailouts of some of the world’s largest business corporations suggest that a new paradigm of management is needed. This paper seeks to propose that the management theory of Peter F. Drucker and certain Aristotelian concepts, expressed in the Nicomachean Ethics and Politics, are applicable(More)
Using a sample of all-star analysts who switch investment banks, we examine (1) whether analyst behavior is influenced by banking relationships and (2) whether analyst behavior affects investment banking deal flow. Although the stock coverage decision depends on the relationship with the client firms, we find no evidence that analysts change their optimism(More)
Psychiatric nurses in the residential sector of St George's Hospital in Morpeth, Northumberland, worked with a quality coordinator to devise a means of auditing the quality of care in their wards. Their major objective was to bring the process to the grass roots of nursing care and involve front-line staff in designing and carrying it out.
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