Dennis Kavanagh

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The relative efficacy of NaF silica toothpastes containing 1000 ppm fluoride and 1500 ppm fluoride in the control of dental caries is not clear-cut. Also, it has not been established that incorporation of trimetaphosphate (TMP) improves the anticaries activity of NaF toothpastes. A three-year clinical trial was conducted to test the hypotheses that: (i) the(More)
Forty-three children living in North Wales, an area with a temperate climate, were involved in this study from September 1990 until June 1991 inclusive. By standardizing the method and timing of collection the effect of external factors on the salivary flow rate was minimized. Flow rate was assessed once a month. Of the original group of 43, 18 attended at(More)
Calcium, phosphate and buffering capacity were measured in children's (n=43) unstimulated saliva between September 1990 and June 1991 inclusive. Saliva samples were collected in the afternoon, once a month, on 10 consecutive occasions. Buffering capacity was assessed immediately after sample collection using the Dentobuff strip method. The remainder of the(More)
This paper reviews the prevalence and possible changes in prevalence of periodontal disease from epidemiological investigations carried out within the previous two decades. Although many older studies used unreliable indices, there is some evidence that clinically significant periodontitis is now restricted to between 15 and 20% of the population with(More)
Introduction The gaining of compliance is unquestionably among the most important acts of human communication insofar as its performance may determine the future of an interpersonal relationship. Just consider the police officer attempting to persuade demonstrators to disband peacefully, the doctor trying to dissuade a patient from smoking, or the married(More)
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