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C3 glomerulopathy is a recently introduced pathological entity whose original definition was glomerular pathology characterized by C3 accumulation with absent or scanty immunoglobulin deposition. In August 2012, an invited group of experts (comprising the authors of this document) in renal pathology, nephrology, complement biology, and complement(More)
|This paper illustrates how software can be described precisely using LD-relations, how these descriptions can be presented in a readable manner using tabular notations, and one way such descriptions can be used to test programs. We describe an algorithm that can be used to generate a test oracle from program documentation, and present the results of using(More)
To determine whether plasma exchange was of additional benefit in patients treated with oral immunosuppressive drugs for focal necrotizing glomerulonephritis (without anti-GBM antibodies), we performed a randomized controlled trial with stratification for renal function on entry. Forty-eight cases were analyzed, 25 in the treatment group (plasma exchange,(More)
In previous research, adults who reported childhood sexual abuse have been more suicidal than nonabused adults, but no research has examined their cognitive deterrents to suicide. Strict definitions of sexual abuse in these studies have excluded (a) unwanted sexual experiences with peers, and (b) exploitive experiences not involving genital contact (i.e.,(More)
During system testing, determining if the observed behaviour of a real–time system is consistent with its requirements specification can be difficult. I propose that a system to check the behaviour against the specification, a monitor, be automatically derived from the requirements documentation. The monitor would model the system requirements as a modified(More)
A fundamental assumption of software testing is that there is some mechanism, an oracle, that will determine whether or not the results of a test execution are correct. In practice this is often done by comparing the output, either automatically or manually, to some pre-calculated, presumably correct, output [17]. However, if the program is formally(More)
A patient with Goodpasture's syndrome has recovered after treatment with immunosuppressive drugs (cyclophosphamide and prednisolone) and removal of circulating antibodies by plasma exchange. This was performed on seven occasions and seems to have hastened the decline in circulating antibody levels. Undertaken early in the course of the disease(More)
Out of 20 relapses that occurred in patients with Wegener's granulomatosis, nine were provoked by bacterial or viral infection. Seven of these occurred during maintenance treatment in response to infection with common pathogens, and treatment of the infection alone was insufficient to produce remission. Circulating immune complexes were seen only in(More)