Dennis K. Holstein

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Scope: This project developed a document describing the application of protective relays using spread spectrum radio communication for power system protection schemes. This document presents background information, bibliography, and recommendations. It discusses spread spectrum radio communication technologies and topologies that may be applicable for use(More)
This paper describes the work of CIGRE's JWG B5-D2.46 which is published in technical brochure #603. Described in this paper is a summary of the challenges protection and control engineers and technicians face when required to manage cyber security applications and process for their systems, subsystems and components. When compared to their classical duties(More)
IEC 62443 is a work-in-progress standard specifying the requirements for protecting industrial automation control systems against cyber-initiated attacks such as Stuxnet, Confiker, DKU, and most recently Flame. Part 1-3 specifies Jaquith-based security metrics to be used to determine compliance with IEC 62443 security policies, requirements and audit(More)
Caspase-2 plays an important role in apoptosis induced by several stimuli, including oxidative stress. However, the subcellular localization of caspase-2, particularly its presence in the mitochondria, is unclear. It is also not known if cytosolic caspase-2 translocates to the mitochondria to trigger the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis or if caspase-2 is(More)
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