Dennis K. Helling

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Thirty years after oxygen isotope records from microfossils deposited in ocean sediments confirmed the hypothesis that variations in the Earth's orbital geometry control the ice ages, fundamental questions remain over the response of the Antarctic ice sheets to orbital cycles. Furthermore, an understanding of the behaviour of the marine-based West Antarctic(More)
  • D Helling, G Kuhn, Science Andrill-Mis, Team
  • 2007
Antarctica and especially its ice sheets play a major role in both the global ocean current system and climate. The ANDRILL (Antarctic Geological Drilling) MIS deep drilling project (McMurdo Sound, NE Ross Ice Shelf, drilled core AND-1B during austral summer 2006/2007) is located in a flexural moat basin filled with glaciomarine, terrigenous, volcanic, and(More)
This article evaluates changes in the use of drug services and the corresponding costs when the conventional fee-for-service system for reimbursement of pharmacists under medicaid is replaced by a capitation system. The fee-for-service system usually covers ingredient costs plus a fixed professional dispensing fee. The capitation system provided a cash(More)
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