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The quantification of greenhouse gases present in the Archaean atmosphere is critical for understanding the evolution of atmospheric oxygen, surface temperatures and the conditions for life on early Earth. For instance, it has been argued that small changes in the balance between two potential greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, may have dictated(More)
Environmental niches in which life first emerged and later evolved on the Earth have undergone dramatic changes in response to evolving tectonic/geochemical cycles and to biologic interventions, as well as increases in the Sun's luminosity of about 25 to 30 per cent over the Earth's history. It has been inferred that the greenhouse effect of atmospheric(More)
The goal of our research is to interrogate, and ultimately engineer, the key chemical reactions that occur as a result of the injection of CO 2 into both ultramafic/basaltic rocks and sedimentary rocks, including saline aquifers and petroleum reservoirs. Our work focuses on two areas: (1) enhancing the conversion of CO 2 to carbonate minerals (mineral(More)
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