Dennis Hiller

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Ligation with either absorbable or non-absorbable sutures has been the traditional state of the art, but a proliferation of technology now offers a host of methods to close and divide vessels. Only limited data are available that objectively compare different vessel sealing methods. The objective of this study was to compare a broad variety of methods of(More)
A new technique using ultrasound computed tomography is explained. Reconstruction of pictures follows basically the algorithm of radiology CT in one plane. The computed data of several scan planes with different angles of the same subject are used for image reconstruction. In this manner, poor lateral resolution of reflections is eliminated. The improved(More)
The effect of the oxide barrier thickness (tSiO2) reduction and the Si excess ([Si]exc) increase on the electrical and electroluminescence (EL) properties of Si-rich oxynitride (SRON)/SiO2 superlattices (SLs) is investigated. The active layers of the metal-oxide-semiconductor devices were fabricated by alternated deposition of SRON and SiO2 layers on top of(More)
Minimally invasive surgeons must acquire complex technical skills while minimizing patient risk, a challenge that is magnified in pediatric surgery. Trainees need realistic practice with frequent detailed feedback, but human grading is tedious and subjective. We aim to validate a novel motion-tracking system and algorithms that automatically evaluate(More)
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