Dennis Heinrich

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The peptidergic innervation of the human and guinea pig uterus was studied using immunohistochemical methods. Antibodies against several peptides were applied for the PAP-technique to stain peptidergic nerves specifically. These are located in the adventitia of large uterine vessels in the myometrium and smaller vessels of the myometrium and endometrium. A(More)
Ocean acidification, resulting from increasing anthropogenic CO2 emissions, is predicted to affect the physiological performance of many marine species. Recent studies have shown substantial reductions in aerobic performance in some teleost fish species, but no change or even enhanced performance in others. Notably lacking, however, are studies on the(More)
Inter- and intrasyncytiotrophoblastic junctions within the human full term placenta were electronmicroscopically investigated using thin sections and freeze-fracturing. Narrow clefts were occasionally situated between surface areas where adjacent chorionic villi exhibited close contact. Within these clefts, extensive zonulae and maculae occludentes and(More)
By means of the peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique the existence of neuropeptide Y-immunoreactivity (NPY-IR) in nerve fibers of the normal human uterine tube was established. NPY-IR fibers are found to supply vascular and non-vascular smooth muscles of the uterine tube. In both systems the density of NPY-IR nerves is markedly high. The NPY-IR nerves(More)
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