Dennis Heinrich

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This paper presents the fully integrated hardware-accelerated query engine for large-scale datasets in the context of Semantic Web databases. As queries are typically unknown at design time, a static approach is not feasible and not flexible to cover a wide range of queries at system runtime. Therefore, we introduce a runtime reconfigurable accelerator(More)
External merge sort belongs to the most efficient and widely used algorithms to sort big data: As much data as fits inside is sorted in main memory and afterwards swapped to external storage as so called initial run. After sorting all the data in this way block-wise, the initial runs are merged in a merging phase in order to retrieve the final sorted run(More)
Increasingly data on the Web is stored in the form of Semantic Web data. Because of today's information overload, it becomes very important to store and query these big datasets in a scalable way and hence in a distributed fashion. Cloud Computing offers such a distributed environment with dynamic reallocation of computing and storing resources based on(More)
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