Dennis Heinrich

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The peptidergic innervation of the human and guinea pig uterus was studied using immunohistochemical methods. Antibodies against several peptides were applied for the PAP-technique to stain peptidergic nerves specifically. These are located in the adventitia of large uterine vessels in the myometrium and smaller vessels of the myometrium and endometrium. A(More)
Gap junctions were found to be a constant feature of chorioallantoic placentae with two or three trophoblastic layers. The gap junctions connect layers I and II in hemodichorial and layers II and III in hemotrichorial placentae. Although the gap junctions vary in form and in the packing density of membrane-associated particles, they cover an extensive(More)
Currently many SPARQL endpoints are freely available and accessible without any costs to users: Everyone can submit SPARQL queries to SPARQL endpoints via a standardized protocol, where the queries are processed on the datasets of the SPARQL endpoints and the query results are sent back to the user in a standardized format. As these distributed execution(More)
Inter- and intrasyncytiotrophoblastic junctions within the human full term placenta were electronmicroscopically investigated using thin sections and freeze-fracturing. Narrow clefts were occasionally situated between surface areas where adjacent chorionic villi exhibited close contact. Within these clefts, extensive zonulae and maculae occludentes and(More)
In 47 patients (dextran group: 32 patients, control group: 15 patients) undergoing laparotomy for microsurgical detachment of adhesions and tuboplasty, the complications of a repeated postoperative intraperitoneal instillation of 6% dextran 60 (5 days) were monitored. In the dextran treated group, abdominal pain and dyspnea occurred significantly more(More)
The ultrastructure of human placental capillaries was investigated using perfusion fixation and the freeze-fracturing technique. The capillaries have a continuous endothelium especially rich in microfilaments, whereas micropinocytotic vesicles are exceedingly scarce. The endothelial cells are connected by three types of junctions: (1) zonulae occludentes(More)