Dennis Großmann

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Au/TiO2 catalysts prepared by a deposition-precipitation process and used for CO oxidation without previous calcination exhibited high, largely temperature-independent conversions at low temperatures, with apparent activation energies of about zero. Thermal treatments, such as He at 623 K, changed the conversion-temperature characteristics to the well-known(More)
Diglyme (CAS No. 111-96-6), a biorefractive ether with teratogenic properties is of considerable importance as a solvent in the synthetic chemical industry. Results of lab-scale investigations into the optimal conditions for the oxidative mineralisation of 0.05 to 1 g/L of diglyme in synthetic process waters by hydrogen peroxide and ozone based advanced(More)
Structural disintegration or the loss of accessible surfaces of functional nanostructures due to processes involving mass transport (e.g. sintering) is a serious problem for any application of these materials at elevated temperatures, like in heterogeneous catalysis or chemical sensing. Phases with low sintering temperatures, e.g. some metals or metal(More)
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