Dennis Grinberg

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In this paper we present a robust parsing algorithm based on the link grammar formalism for parsing natural languages. Our algorithm is a natural extension of the original dynamic programming recognition algorithm which recursively counts the number of linkages between two words in the input sentence. The modiied algorithm uses the notion of a null link in(More)
We present applications of splay trees to two topics in data compression. First is a variant of the move-to-front (mtf) data compression (of Bentley,Sleator Tar'an and Wei) algorithm, where we introduce secondary list(s , ". This seems to capture higher-order correlations. An implementation of this algorithm with Sleator-Tarjan splay trees runs in time(More)
DEC's business and technology objectives require a strong research program. The Systems Research Center (SRC) and three other research laboratories are committed to filling that need. SRC began recruiting its first research scientists in l984—their charter, to advance the state of knowledge in all aspects of computer systems research. Our current work(More)
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