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OceanStore is a utility infrastructure designed to span the globe and provide continuous access to persistent information. Since this infrastructure is comprised of untrusted servers, data is protected through redundancy and cryptographic techniques. To improve performance, data is allowed to be cached anywhere, anytime. Additionally, monitoring of usage(More)
OceanStore is an Internet-scale, persistent data store designed for incremental scalability, secure sharing, and long-term durability. Pond is the OceanStore prototype; it contains many of the features of a complete system including location-independent routing, Byzantine update commitment, push-based update of cached copies through an overlay multicast(More)
The computing world is experiencing a transition from desktop PCs to connected information appliances, which — like the earlier transition from mainframes to PCs — will profoundly change the way information is used. The variety of devices capable of connecting to the Internet is astounding. Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, and even cars(More)
One of the key reasons overlay networks are seen as an excellent platform for large scale distributed systems is their resilience in the presence of node failures. This resilience rely on accurate and timely detection of node failures. Despite the prevalent use of keep-alive algorithms in overlay networks to detect node failures, their tradeoffs and the(More)
Debugging and profiling large-scale distributed applications is a daunting task. We present Friday, a system for debugging distributed applications that combines deterministic replay of components with the power of symbolic, low-level debugging and a simple language for expressing higher-level distributed conditions and actions. Friday allows the programmer(More)