Dennis Gamrad

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A novel architecture for Cognitive Technical Systems with a homogeneous knowledge representation for all cognitive functions is presented. The approach is methodically based on Situation-Operator-Modeling and implemented with high-level Petri Nets. It is not restricted to certain application fields and can be combined with other AI methods. By the(More)
Autonomous systems are often needed to perform tasks in complex and dynamic environments. For this class of systems, traditional safety assuring methods are not satisfying due to the unknown effects of the interacting system with an open environment. Briefly speaking: What is not known during the development phase, can not be adequately considered. In order(More)
This contribution deals with the implementation of an automated cognitive-based supervision concept applied for the first time on a real vehicle. Here, the Situation-Operator-Modeling (SOM) approach is used as a representational concept to model and formalize the logic of interaction between driver, vehicle, and environment based on sensor and video(More)
In this contribution, a concept and principal realization of an additional module within a proposed HMI analysis architecture is developed. The main aspect of this module is the reduction of complexity allowing the analysis of a HumanMachine-System. Core of the architecture is an action model, which is methodical founded on Situation-Operator-Modeling. The(More)
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