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Authorization systems today are increasingly complex. They span domains of administration, rely on many different authentication sources, and manage permissions that can be as complex as the system itself. Worse still, while there are many standards that define authentication mechanisms, the standards that address authorization are less well defined and(More)
Public Key Infrastructures suffer from usability and security problems associated with the request for and secure management of end user credentials. Online credential repositories provide mechanisms to ease these shortcomings but pose attractive targets for attacks due to the accumulation of credentials and the need for remote access to these credentials.(More)
We describe some persistent software infrastructure problems encountered by scientists and engineers who work in application domains requiring extensive computer simulation and modeling. These problems may be mitigated by use of a Problem Solving Environment (PSE), but not all of them are currently being addressed by the PSE research community. We then(More)
Many grid usage scenarios depend on small, dynamic working groups for which the ability to establish transient collaboration with little or no intervention from resource administrators is a key requirement. The system developed, PRIMA, focuses on the issues of management and enforcement of fine-grained privileges. Dynamic account creation and leasing as(More)