Dennis G. Hall

Sebastian S. Gehrke1
Maria S. Stietz1
Jan E. Blanchard1
Eric D. Brown1
Silvia T. Cardona1
1Sebastian S. Gehrke
1Maria S. Stietz
1Jan E. Blanchard
1Eric D. Brown
1Silvia T. Cardona
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Infections with the bacteria Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) are very difficult to eradicate in cystic fibrosis patients due the intrinsic resistance of Bcc to most available antibiotics and the emergence of multiple antibiotic resistant strains during antibiotic treatment. In this work, we used a whole-cell based assay to screen a diverse collection of(More)
A small library of 30 thiomarinol analogues was successfully synthesised using as a key step–a catalytic enantioselective tandem oxa[4+2] cycloaddition/aldehyde allylboration methodology. With this method, highly substituted $$\alpha $$ α -hydroxyalkyl dihydropyrans were assembled in a single three-component reaction utilizing three different enol ethers(More)
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