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Storing and using specific instances improves the performance of several supervised learning algorithms. These include algorithms that learn decision trees, classification rules, and distributed networks. However, no investigation has analyzed algorithms that use only specific instances to solve incremental learning tasks. In this paper, we describe a(More)
The freshwater cnidarian Hydra was first described in 1702 and has been the object of study for 300 years. Experimental studies of Hydra between 1736 and 1744 culminated in the discovery of asexual reproduction of an animal by budding, the first description of regeneration in an animal, and successful transplantation of tissue between animals. Today, Hydra(More)
Advances in data collection and storage have allowed organizations to create massive, complex and heterogeneous databases, which have stymied traditional methods of data analysis. This has led to the development of new analytical tools that often combine techniques from a variety of fields such as statistics, computer science, and mathematics to extract(More)
MOTIVATION Over-represented k-mers in genomic DNA regions are often of particular biological interest. For example, over-represented k-mers in co-regulated families of genes are associated with the DNA binding sites of transcription factors. To measure over-representation, we introduce a statistical background model based on single-mismatches, and apply it(More)