Dennis Eggett

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To obtain information about the knowledge and attitudes of Utah nurses concerning cancer pain management. DESIGN Descriptive study. SETTING Nurses in Utah. SAMPLE 44 oncology nurses and 303 nononcology nurses completed the study. METHODS Ferrell's Nurses' Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain was given to oncology and(More)
Phenotypic variation in plant traits is strongly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Over the life span of trees, developmental factors may also strongly influence leaf phenotypes. The objective of this study was to fill gaps in our understanding of developmental influences on patterns of phenotypic trait variation among different-aged ramets(More)
Programmers often develop software in multiple languages. In an effort to study the effects of programming language fragmentation on productivity—and ultimately on a developer’s problem-solving abilities—we present a metric, language entropy, for characterizing the distribution of a developer’s programming efforts across multiple programming languages. We(More)
Table A1. Accountability Theory and Deterrence Theory Compared Element Deterrence Theory Accountability Theory Objective of theory Explains how to reduce antisocial behaviors. Explains how to reduce antisocial behaviors or increase prosocial behaviors. Central mechanism Sanctions. Self-image preservation and social desirability. External component(More)
Nursing students traditionally have been evaluated with an objective written examination. This method has shown some benefits and disadvantages. This project examined the value of oral examinations in evaluating nursing students. Five groups of students were evaluated with different forms of testing, some with only written tests, others with only oral(More)
Camera-equipped mini-UAVs are popular for many applications, including search and surveillance, but video from them is commonly plagued with distracting jittery motions and disorienting rotations that make it difficult for human viewers to detect objects of interest and infer spatial relationships. For time-critical search situations there are also inherent(More)
Bacteria should be excellent indicators of the early signs of degradation caused by human intervention because they have the highest surface area to volume ratio of all organisms. We determined the utility of a simple procedure that measures aerobic bacterial metabolic diversity (BIOLOG EcoPlates) as a reliable tool for assessing the effects of cattle(More)
Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (mUAVs) have the potential to assist Wilderness Search and Rescue groups by providing a bird's eye view of the search area. This paper proposes a method for augmenting visible-spectrum searching with infrared sensing in order to make use of thermal search clues. It details a method for combining the color and heat information(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers have examined the relationship between mental health and weather/pollution with mixed results. The current study aimed to examine a range of weather and atmospheric phenomena and their association with time-bound mental health data. METHODS Nineteen different weather/pollution variables were examined in connection with an archive of(More)