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Algorithm 620's compilation of data has been employed in the course of investigation into previously published algorithms for elementary arithmetic operations. These remarks are based on those applications rather than any comprehensive examination of the complete index-and-keyword material. At the time of their original publication, two algorithms were(More)
One of the factors that causes hostility in software at all levels is the ability of software to accept erroneous instructions as correct instruction s with a different meaning that was intended. While i t is probably not possible to eliminate this type o f ambiguity entirely, some instances are much worse than others. For example, consider IBM ' s IEHPROGM(More)
Change-tracking of digital documents leads to document alteration in some manner. Protected Change-Tracking (PCT) is a response to the question, "How can one protect word-processing documents against alteration, verifiable by digital signature, and make signed amendments that are verified to be allowed modifications of the original document?" A genealogical(More)
I have just returned from MIXUP XXXVI in Sri Lanka. As the result of insistent user pressure concerning problems with the first multi-programming release of mMW, I accepted the following policy change to be implemented for release 32.5.03. The users have agreed not to install 32.5.02 and will continue on 32.5.01 as if the interim release had not occured.(More)
and operating systems themselves. (a) For the lack of reproducibility, who bears the cost? (b) Who stands to benefit from reproducibility? 3. The software staff responds to Dirpan's comments with the rebuttal that some existing programs may not run under the multi-programming, relocating system anyhow, because they have intrinsic location dependencies(More)
THE STORY SO FAR : In "If We're On First, What' s On Second? " and sequel "Don't Look Back, Something' s Gaining on Us[20]," the Kindly Programmer is inveigle d by Princess Netherwight to the Antarctic lair of Tiar a Mare, Goddess of the Prefect Program[sync]. Unsighte d by Tiara's visage, KP is abandoned in the labyrinth o f Micro Mouse. Could this be(More)
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