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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the validity of the clinical tremor disability interview using a performance-based measure, patient ratings of tremor disability, and bedside tremor severity ratings of upper extremity (UE) action/intention (A/I) and postural (P) tremor. METHOD Sixteen older adult essential tremor patients (mean age=75.4 years, sd=5.7 years) took(More)
HIV-related stigmas have been seen as a barrier to greater religious congregation involvement in HIV prevention and care in the United States and elsewhere. We explored congregational and community norms and attitudes regarding HIV, sexuality, and drug use through a qualitative case study of 14 diverse religious congregations in Los Angeles County,(More)
Comparative case studies were used to explore religious congregations’ HIV involvement, including types and extent of activities, interaction with external organizations or individuals, and how activities were initiated and have changed over time. The cases included 14 congregations in Los Angeles County representing diverse faith traditions and(More)
This study explores the impact of a peer-led HIV intervention, based on the health belief model and social cognitive theory of behavior change, on a sample of African American college students. Certified peer educators were trained by the researcher to implement the four-module HIV prevention intervention. Pre-/postassessments revealed that after the(More)
To investigate the current status of sex education in occupational therapy curricula, a questionnaire survey was mailed to department chairs of 67 university programs that were either accredited or in the application process. A total of 50 programs returned usable responses. The results indicate that occupational therapy may be in a transition period: A(More)
OBJECTIVES Unmet needs for depression and substance abuse services are a concern in urban communities. This article summarizes the design and recommendations of the Restoration Center Planning Project to better address depression and substance abuse while promoting resiliency and wellness for persons of African descent in South Los Angeles. DESIGN A(More)
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