Dennis De Matteis

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A mobile device is presented for monitoring both respiration and pulse. The device is developed as a bendable/flexible inlay that can be placed in a shirt pocket or the inside pocket of a jacket. To achieve optimum monitoring performance, the device combines two sensor principles, which work in a safe noncontact way through several layers of cotton or other(More)
In recent time’s healthcare is gaining importance and technology is playing an important role in patient’s health monitoring. Health monitoring deals with monitoring various parameters of patient’s continuously over a period of time. Sensors are used for monitoring parameters which in turn sends the output to a central unit for further data processing. A(More)
Arterial Blood Pressure (ABP) is one of the most often measured vital parameters in daily clinical practice. State-of-the-Art non-invasive ABP measurement technologies have obvious limitations and are still mainly based on uncomfortable techniques by complete or partial occlusions of arteries. Additionally, embodiments are bulky, difficult to apply for the(More)
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