Dennis C Harrison

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Previous studies have suggested that alterations in phospholipid composition of plasma membranes may underlie lethal cell injury due to hypoxic and ischemic injury. The present study was designed to determine if such alterations are due to the activation of a pH-dependent phospholipase A2. Loss of cell viability and phospholipase A2 activity measured by(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the involvement in and attitudes toward managed care by cardiovascular specialists and the influence of such programs on their practices. BACKGROUND No in-depth study has measured the impact of managed care on cardiovascular specialists. Therefore, we conducted a mail survey to determine the prevalence(More)
HYLAND, JOHN W., GEORGE T. SMITH, LOCKHART B. MCGUIRE, DONALD C. HARRISON, FLORENCE W. HAYNES, AND LEWIS DEXTER. Efect of selective embolisation of various sized pulmonary arteries in dogs. Am. J. Physiol. 204(4) : 6 I g-625. I g63.-Pulmonary embolism was produced in 30 closed-chest 8-kg dogs with polystyrene spheres, glass beads, or blood clots of precise(More)