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Muslim Perspectives on the Sri Lankan Conflict
List of AcronymsCFA Ceasefire AgreementEROS Eelam Revolutionary Organization of StudentsGOSL Government of Sri LankaISGA Interim Self-Governing AuthorityLTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil EelamMICExpand
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Crucible of Conflict: Tamil and Muslim Society on the East Coast of Sri Lanka
List of Illustrations ix List of Tables xiii Acknowledgments xv Note on Transliteration xvii Part 1. Framing Fieldwork in the Batticaloa Region Introduction 3 Chapter 1. The Research Setting 21 PartExpand
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Tsunami recovery in Sri Lanka : ethnic and regional dimensions
Part 1: Overview and Context 1. Introduction Michele R. Gamburd and Dennis B. McGilvray 2. Building the Conflict Back Better: The Politics of Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction in Sri Lanka AlanExpand
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Sri Lankan Muslims: between ethno‐nationalism and the global ummah
ABSTRACT. Sri Lanka's Sunni Muslims or “Moors”, who make up eight percent of the population, are the country's third largest ethnic group, after the Buddhist Sinhalese (seventy-four per cent) and theExpand
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Dutch Burghers and Portuguese Mechanics: Eurasian Ethnicity in Sri Lanka
Historians and anthropologists in Sri Lanka have tended to migrate in opposite directions, but away from the multiethnic confusion of the port cities. Typi- cally, the heterogeneous,Expand
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Arabs, Moors and Muslims: Sri Lankan Muslim ethnicity in regional perspective
In the context of Sri Lanka's inter-ethnic conflict between the Tamils and the Sinhalese, the Tamil- speaking Muslims or Moors occupy a unique position. Unlike the historically insurrectionistExpand
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Writing Within: Anthropology, Nationalism, and Culture in Sri Lanka [and Comments and Reply]
The study of nationalism poses particular problems for anthropology, not least because nationalism and anthropology share certain concepts and certain assumptions; both anthropologists andExpand
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Paraiyar Drummers of Sri Lanka: consensus and constraint in an untouchable caste
While a number of writers have argued that untouchable castes in South Asia are alienated from, and exploited by, the larger high-caste society and culture of which they are the lowest part, MoffattExpand
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Symbolic heat: Gender, health & worship among the Tamils of south India and Sri Lanka
A Knock on the Door Deivas & Devatas The Matha The House of the Mathatelling Stories After the Fever The School at Kone Mangoes & Monkeys The Play Caves & Tigers Habba Shifting Sands The ShwarExpand
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Caste ideology and interaction
Following the publication of the book by E. R. Leach, ed., Aspects of Caste in South India, Ceylon and North-West Pakistan (1960), much additional information was gathered on caste hierarchies inExpand
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