Dennis B. Beringer

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A study was conducted to determine if primary flight displays (PFDs) depicting terrain could be used with a level of safety equivalent to electronic attitude-direction indicators (EADIs) without terrain. Five groups of 8 pilots each flew scenarios in a flight simulator using one of three PFDs (EADI, full-color terrain, uniformly brown terrain) with or(More)
A fuzzy-logic "performance control" system, providing envelope protection and direct command of airspeed, vertical velocity, and turn rate, was evaluated in a reconfigurable general aviation simulator (configured as a Piper Malibu) at the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute. Performance of 24 individuals (6 each of high-time pilots, low-time pilots,(More)
Future limitations on the usable complexity of wrist-worn digital devices will depend upon the flexibility and data transmission rate/accuracy of the user-system interface. Three candidate interface types were evaluated as represented by current calculator watch technology. These included hardware keys, software keys and figural recognition. While the(More)
The Federal Aviation Administration Academy provides traceability and oversight for each step of the International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies (IJAAS). IJAAS is a peer-reviewed publication, enlisting the support of an international panel of consulting editors. Each consulting editor was chosen for his or her expertise in one or more areas of(More)
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