Dennis Andersson

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The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is a widely used and well-established standard for classifying the severity of security vulnerabilities. For instance, all vulnerabilities in the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD) are scored according to this method. As computer systems typically have multiple vulnerabilities, it is often desirable to(More)
In 2010, IT-security experts from northern European governments and organizations gathered to conduct the first of a series of NATO-led cyber-defense exercises in a pilot attempt of training cyber defense. To gain knowledge on how to assess team effectiveness in cyber-defense exercises, this case study investigates the role of behavioral assessment(More)
Wireless communication standards are developed at an ever-increasing rate of pace, and significant amounts of effort is put into research for new communication methods and concepts. On the physical layer, such topics include MIMO, cooperative communication, and error control coding, whereas research on the medium access layer includes link control, network(More)
Reconstruction and Exploration (R&E) is an approach developed to support after-action reviews in military and emergency response exercises. With the development of new technology and software, data sets grow larger and more complex in many domains, increasing the need for visual exploration approaches such as R&E. This paper briefly presents the(More)
This poster presents work-in-progress aiming to create a tool for assessing resilience and agility in socio-technical systems. The tool is organized in four sections; system goal and context, ability to detect deviating events, ability to cope with deviating events, and agile C2 capability. The intended area of use is naval military forces.