Dennis Anderson

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The absence of reliable access to clean energy and the services it provides imposes a large disease burden on low-income populations and impedes prospects for development. Furthermore, current patterns of fossil-fuel use cause substantial ill-health from air pollution and occupational hazards. Impending climate change, mainly driven by energy use, now also(More)
In this, our final rejoinder on the debate about the Stern Review that has been published by World Economics,1 we respond to comments in this issue by Robert Carter et al., by David Henderson, and by Richard Tol and Gary Yohe.2 Carter et al. continue to argue against a growing body of scientific evidence and a growing consensus on that same evidence: the(More)
Freshwater mussels are one of the most imperiled faunas of animals in the world. Genetic studies can be used to help conserve these animals. Lampsilis higginsii (Higgins' Eye) is a federally endangered mussel in the Upper Mississippi River basin. L. higginsii currently occurs in the Mississippi, St. Croix and Wisconsin rivers and has suffered a 50%(More)
Executive Summary The Garnaut Review will emphasise innovation in new energy technologies and processes as a key element in the delivery of deep cuts in carbon emissions. Consequently, it matters to understand both drivers for and barriers to innovation in the stationary energy sector which accounts for 50% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. This(More)
iii Executive summary Context DTI are currently undertaking a review of support for innovation of new and renewable energy technologies, to ensure that policies are well integrated and coherent, and are providing appropriate support to the full range of technologies. This paper feeds into the review, with a particular focus on the early stage technologies.(More)
This paper considers the challenges of infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction in twelve war-affected economies in Africa. Direct war damage, the neglect of infrastructure maintenance investments during the war and poor public policies have left most of the countries with deteriorated water, transport, energy and telecommunication infrastructure.(More)
Fatigue precracked specimens of three titanium alloys (6Al-4V, ELI, and Timetal 5111) were dynamically loaded in a drop weight tower system while the dynamic fracture toughness was inferred using Coherent Gradient Sensing, crack opening displacement, or strain gage methods. A comparison of the initiation toughness of the three materials as a function of(More)