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Dissolved organic matter in the ocean. A controversy stimulates new insights
Author Posting. © Oceanography Society, 2009. This article is posted here by permission of Oceanography Society for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published inExpand
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Recalcitrant dissolved organic carbon fractions.
Marine dissolved organic carbon (DOC) exhibits a spectrum of reactivity, from very fast turnover of the most bioavailable forms in the surface ocean to long-lived materials circulating within theExpand
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Microbial production of recalcitrant dissolved organic matter: long-term carbon storage in the global ocean
The biological pump is a process whereby CO2 in the upper ocean is fixed by primary producers and transported to the deep ocean as sinking biogenic particles or as dissolved organic matter. The fateExpand
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Global distribution and dynamics of colored dissolved and detrital organic materials
[1] Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM), also referred to as gelbstoff, gilvin, or yellow matter, has long been known to be an important component of the optical properties of coastal andExpand
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Deep-ocean gradients in the concentration of dissolved organic carbon
There is as much carbon in dissolved organic material in the oceans as there is CO2 in the atmosphere, but the role of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in the global carbon cycle is poorly understood.Expand
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Biogeochemistry of marine dissolved organic matter
Marine dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a complex mixture of molecules found throughout the world's oceans. It plays a key role in the export, distribution, and sequestration of carbon in theExpand
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Net community production of dissolved organic carbon
Each ycar large amounts of carbon, with a residence time of months, accumulate in the surface layer of the ocean as semilabile dissolved organic carbon (DOC). This material is transported longExpand
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Zooplankton vertical migration and the active transport of dissolved organic and inorganic nitrogen in the Sargasso Sea
The least known component of the “biological pump” is the active transport of carbon and nutrients by diel vertical migration of zooplankton. We measured CO2 respiration and dissolved organic carbonExpand
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Biogeochemistry of total organic carbon and nitrogen in the Sargasso Sea
The contributions of total organic carbon and nitrogen to elemental cycling in the surface layer of the Sargasso Sea are evaluated using a 5-yr time-series data set (1994}1998). Surface-layer totalExpand
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Eddy/Wind Interactions Stimulate Extraordinary Mid-Ocean Plankton Blooms
Episodic eddy-driven upwelling may supply a significant fraction of the nutrients required to sustain primary productivity of the subtropical ocean. New observations in the northwest Atlantic revealExpand
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