Dennie M Tompers

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Lewis rats show greater anticipatory contrast effects than Fischer 344 rats. Specifically, relative to Fischer rats, Lewis rats exhibit greater avoidance of a saccharin cue when it predicts the future availability of a preferred sucrose reward [Grigson, P.S., Freet, C.S. The suppressive effects of sucrose and cocaine, but not lithium chloride, are greater(More)
The murine blastocyst contains two nonoverlapping pools of progenitor cells: the embryonic component contributes to the fetus and generates embryonic stem cells in vitro, whereas the extraembryonic pool contributes to the placenta and generates trophoblast stem cells in vitro. The transcriptional repressor Foxd3 is required for maintenance of the epiblast(More)
The manipulation of embryonic stem (ES) cells to generate targeted mutations via homologous recombination has proved an invaluable resource for researchers from fields as diverse as embryology, immunology, physiology, and biophysics. The derivation and culture of these cells has been described in many places, but there is no substitute for hands-on(More)
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