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A refinement technique is proposed for developing finite element models capable of simulating peri-implant bone conditions for bone types II, III, and IV at various degrees of osseointegration. The refined models feature a transition region between bone (cortical and cancellous) and implant and designate it partially to fully osseointegrated by assigning(More)
Tensile tests were conducted on polycaprolactone at various strain rates and temperatures. Focusing on the mechanical properties within only the small-strain elastic region, i.e. up to the inflection point in the stress-strain diagram, it was found that strain rate and temperature had significant effects on the polymer. This finding implies that the effects(More)
This paper explains on the design and implementation of automatic visual inspection system in automatic control system based on programmable logic controller (PIC). In addition, this paper also give solution on how to modify conventional PIC to be integrated with visual inspection system. This modification method is more efficient than buying a new PIC and(More)
The potential of electrospinning process to fabricate ultrafine fibers as building blocks for tissue engineering scaffolds is well recognized. The scaffold construct produced by electrospinning process depends on the quality of the fibers. In electrospinning, material selection and parameter setting are among many factors that contribute to the quality of(More)
Electroplated nickel coating on cemented carbide is a potential pretreatment technique for providing an interlayer prior to diamond deposition on the hard metal substrate. The electroplated nickel coating is expected to be of high quality, for example, indicated by having adequate thickness and uniformity. Electroplating parameters should be set accordingly(More)
Electrospinning is a simple and efficient process in producing nanofibers. To fabricate nanofibers made of a blend of two constituent materials, co-axial electrospinning method is an option. In this method, the constituent materials contained in separate barrels are simultaneously injected using two syringe nozzles arranged co-axially and the materials mix(More)
In an attempt to improve properties of polycaprolcatone-starch blend, this study uses zein as coupling agent in preparing the blend through a single-step process. Zein, which has affinity to both polar and non-polar groups, is expected to improve miscibility between the blends' constituents and its overall biocompatibility. Mechanical properties of the(More)
This article reports the in vitro degradation and cytotoxicity assessment of Zn-3Mg alloy developed for biodegradable bone implants. The alloy was prepared using casting, and its microstructure was composed of Mg2Zn11 intermetallic phase distributed within a Zn-rich matrix. The degradation assessment was done using potentiodynamic polarization and(More)
There are millions of orthopedic surgeries and dental implantation procedures performed every year globally. Most of them involve machining of bones and cartilage. However, theoretical and analytical study on bone machining is lagging behind its practice and implementation. This study views bone machining as a machining process with bovine bone as the(More)
The use of electrospinning process in fabricating tissue engineering scaffolds has received great attention in recent years due to its simplicity. The nanofibers produced via electrospinning possessed morphological characteristics similar to extracellular matrix of most tissue components. Porosity plays a vital role in developing tissue engineering(More)