Deniz Sarikaya

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Some formal systems of narrative aim to represent those features that belong to faithful summaries of the narrative. In this paper, we compare data obtained in two experiments by means of an event mapping: summaries by untrained test subjects and annotations of test subjects trained in the narrative framework of Vladimir Propp. The method used is adequate(More)
Interested in formally modelling similarity between narratives, we investigate judgements of similarity between narratives in a small corpus of film reviews and book–film comparisons. A main finding is that judgements tend to concern multiple levels of story representation at once. As these texts are pragmatically related to reception contexts, we find many(More)
Formal narrative representation is a procedure assigning a formal description to a natural language narrative. In general, it is a human procedure, and one of the goals of computational models of narrative is to understand this procedure better in order to automatise it. In order to be automatisable, a formal framework should allow for objective and(More)
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