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Hardware manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing their IC fabrication work overseas due to their much lower cost structure. This poses a significant security risk for ICs used for critical military and business applications. Attackers can exploit this loss of control to substitute Trojan ICs for genuine ones or insert a Trojan circuit into the design or(More)
A ring oscillator-based true-random number generator design (Rings design) was introduced in Sunar et al. [2007]. The design was rigorously analyzed under a simple mathematical model and its performance characteristics were established. In this article we focus on the practical aspects of the Rings design on a reconfigurable logic platform and determine(More)
Elliptic curve cryptosystems (ECCs) are utilised as an alternative to traditional public-key cryptosystems, and are more suitable for resource-limited environments because of smaller parameter size. In this study, the authors carry out a thorough investigation of side-channel attack aware ECC implementations over finite fields of prime characteristic(More)
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