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Marine subsurface environments such as deep-sea sediments, house abundant and diverse microbial communities that are believed to influence large-scale geochemical processes. These processes include the biotransformation and mineralization of numerous petroleum constituents. Thus, microbial communities in the Gulf of Mexico are thought to be responsible for(More)
A polyurethane (PU) degrading bacterial strain MZA-75 was isolated from soil through enrichment technique. The bacterium was identified through 16S rRNA gene sequencing, the phylogenetic analysis indicated the strain MZA-75 belonged to genus Bacillus having maximum similarity with Bacillus subtilis strain JBE0016. The degradation of PU films by strain(More)
Two coastal seawaters (Key West, FL, USA and the Persian Gulf, Bahrain, representing oligotrophic and eutrophic environments, respectively) were used to evaluate potential biodegradation and corrosion problems during exposure to alternative and conventional fuels. Uncoated carbon steel was exposed at the fuel/seawater interface and polarization resistance(More)
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