Deniz Can Öztürk

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The development of professional attitudes in nursing students is influenced by their learning experiences (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) and instructors' professional behaviors. Instructors can enhance students' professional attitude by organizing the training environment, being a role model, and providing counseling. This study was conducted as a(More)
The objective is to present a case with vesicouterine fistula after cesarean section. A 27-year-old female patient, G2P2, was admitted to hospital with the complaint of severe crampy pelvic pain and dysuria during micturition without any incontinence. She had two cesarean sections, last was 14 months before admission. Her urinalysis revealed microscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Basic psychomotor skill training starts in the first year in nursing education. The psychomotor skills taught in the first year of nursing training constitute a foundation for all professional practices. Conducting periodic training for skills with which students are deficient can support mastery learning. OBJECTIVES The study was conducted as(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of applying manual pressure before intramuscular injection and compare it with the standard injection technique in terms of reducing the young adult student's postinjection pain. BACKGROUND The administration of intramuscular injections is a procedure performed by nurses and one that causes anxiety and pain for(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing is a practice-based discipline that requires the integration of theory and practice. Nurse educators must continuously revise educational curricula and incorporate information technology into the curriculum to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess the effect of web-based(More)
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