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In a prospective randomised trial in which 93 patients undergoing elective colorectal operations were given a short prophylactic course of metronidazole and kanamycin orally or systemically, postoperative sepsis occurred in only 3 (6.5%) of those given antimicrobials systemically, compared with 17 (36%) of those given oral prophylaxis (P less than 0.01). 15(More)
Expression of genes encoding prodrug-activating enzymes can increase the susceptibility of tumor cells to prodrugs, and may ultimately achieve a better therapeutic index than conventional chemotherapy. CB1954 is a weak, monofunctional alkylating agent which can be activated by Escherichia coli nitroreductase to a potent dysfunctional alkylating agent which(More)
A prospective randomized trial was performed to compare oral neomycin and erythromycin with single-dose intravenous metronidazole and ceftriaxone in elective colorectal surgery. The study was discontinued after 60 patients were entered. The overall rate of infection was 41 percent in the oral neomycin and erythromycin group (n = 29) compared with 9.6(More)
We have undertaken a prospective randomized trial of one month's antimicrobial therapy for patients with symptomatic relapse of Crohn's disease. Criteria for entry included two major symptoms: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal mass or complications (excluding perianal disease); and two hematologic abnormalities: hemoglobin, ESR,(More)
The ability of normal and Crohn's disease neutrophils to kill Candida albicans has been studied using neutrophils isolated from peripheral blood and suspended in phosphate buffered saline at 5 x 10(6) cells per ml. C albicans was grown to a stationary phase in broth culture and suspended in phosphate buffered saline at 10(7) organisms/ml. Neutrophils and(More)
Levels of plasma cytokines and circulating endotoxin were assessed in 41 patients with severe intra-abdominal sepsis. Comparison was made with the Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II scoring system. Blood samples were taken within 24 h of onset of the sepsis syndrome and at serial times thereafter. Increased levels of interleukin (IL)(More)
The microflora and pH have been assessed in gastric aspirates from 163 patients after gastric surgery and have been compared with 51 patients with gastro-oesophageal carcinoma, 152 unoperated patients with peptic ulceration, 72 of whom were receiving cimetidine, 3 patients with pernicious anaemia and 27 normal subjects. The total viable bacterial count was(More)
A study was performed to investigate whether acute reservoir ileitis (pouchitis) is associated with specific changes in mucosal morphology, crypt cell kinetics and faecal bacteriology in the ileal pouch. Forty-six patients were studied (ileal reservoir, 36; end ileostomy, ten) using clinical grading, sigmoidoscopy and biopsy; 24 patients with a reservoir(More)
PURPOSE Controversy exists as to whether pouchitis represents a reactivation of the immunologic mechanisms that lead to ulcerative colitis (UC). The aims of this study were to determine local levels of the cytokines: interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta), interleukin-6 (IL-6), interleukin-8 (IL-8), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) in the mucosa of(More)