Denise T. F. McLean

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Sexual assault has increased steadily over the last decade. Attempts at a more accurate evaluation of the violent sexual offender have included studies looking for correlation between plasma testosterone and high levels of sexual violence. The present study failed to replicate these findings, however, it confirmed the known association between violence and(More)
Cationic amphipathic α-helical peptides are intensively studied classes of host defence peptides (HDPs). Three peptides, peptide glycine-leucine-amide (PGLa-AM1), caerulein-precursor fragment (CPF-AM1) and magainin-AM1, originally isolated from norepinephrine-stimulated skin secretions of the African volcano frog Xenopus amieti (Pipidae), were studied for(More)
The pleiotropic effects of host defence peptides (HDPs), including the ability to kill microorganisms, enhance re-epithelialisation and increase angiogenesis, indicates a role for these important peptides as potential therapeutic agents in the treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. However, the maintenance of peptide integrity, through resistance to(More)
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