Denise Scherbl

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Acrylamide (AA), classified as class 2A carcinogen (probably carcinogenic to humans) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), is formed during heating of food from reducing carbohydrates and asparagine by Maillard reaction chemistry. After dietary uptake, AA is in part metabolically converted into the proximate genotoxic phase I metabolite(More)
SCOPE Acrolein (AC) and acrylamide (AA) are food contaminants generated by heat treatment. We studied human exposure after consumption of potato crisps by monitoring excretion of mercapturic acids (MAs) in urine. METHODS AND RESULTS MA excretion was monitored in human urine collected up to 72 h after ingestion of a test meal of experimental (study 1: 1 mg(More)
Acrylamide (AA) is formed during the heating of food and is classified as a genotoxic carcinogen. The margin of exposure (MOE), representing the distance between the bench mark dose associated with 10% tumor incidence in rats and the estimated average human exposure, is considered to be of concern. After ingestion, AA is converted by P450 into the genotoxic(More)
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