Denise Sato Yamashita

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This paper considers a project scheduling problem with the objective of minimizing resource availability costs, taking into account a deadline for the project and precedence relations among the activities. Exact methods have been proposed for solving this problem, but we are not aware of existing heuristic methods. Scatter search is used to tackle this(More)
Papain has been used as a surrogate enzyme in a drug design effort to obtain potent and selective inhibitors of cathepsin K, a new member of the papain superfamily of cysteine proteases that is selectively and highly expressed in osteoclasts and is implicated in bone resorption. Here we report the crystal structures of two papain-inhibitor complexes and the(More)
In this note we combine two known algorithms and show how they can be used in order to generate tradeoff curves between time and cost for deterministic project scheduling problems with multiple modes and resource availability costs. The approach can handle linear and non-linear non-decreasing cost functions and it is based on the exact algorithm presented(More)
This paper examines a ship routing problem with pickup and delivery and time windows for maritime oil transportation, motivated by the production and logistics activities of an oil company operating in the Brazilian coast. The transportation costs from offshore platforms to coastal terminals are an important issue in the search for operational excellence in(More)
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