Denise Sandrelly Cavalcanti de Lima

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Wistar rats (n = 58) were injected subcutaneously during the lactation period with fluoxetine (5, 10, 20 or 40 mg/kg/day) and cortical spreading depression (SD) was recorded immediately after weaning (25-30 days of life). An additional group (10 mg/kg; n = 8) was SD-recorded at 60-70 days. As compared to the saline-injected (n = 24) or "ingenuous" (n = 16)(More)
AIMS Glutamine (Gln) participates in the so-called "brain glutamine-glutamate cycle" and therefore it is likely to influence brain excitability. Here we investigated, in weaned well-nourished and early-malnourished rats, the effects of previous Gln oral supplementation, during the brain development period, on cortical spreading depression (CSD), an(More)
In mammals, l-glutamine (Gln) can alter the glutamate-Gln cycle and consequently brain excitability. Here, we investigated in developing rats the effect of treatment with different doses of Gln on anxiety-like behavior, cortical spreading depression (CSD), and microglial activation expressed as Iba1-immunoreactivity. Wistar rats were suckled in litters with(More)
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