Denise Salioni Silva

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Zinc is essential to the structure and function of myriad proteins, including regulatory, structural and enzymatic. It is estimated that up to 1% of the human genome codes for zinc finger proteins. In the central nervous system, zinc has an additional role as a neurosecretory product or cofactor. In this role, zinc is highly concentrated in the synaptic(More)
Excess brain zinc has been implicated in Alzheimer's neuropathology. Here we evaluated that hypothesis by searching the brains of Alzheimer's patients for abnormal zinc deposits. Using histochemical methods, we found vivid Zn2+ staining in the amyloid deposits of dense-core (senile) plaques, in the amyloid angiopathy surrounding diseased blood vessels, and(More)
Xylella fastidiosa is the causal agent of economically important plant diseases, including citrus variegated chlorosis and Pierce's disease. Hitherto, there has been no information on the molecular mechanisms controlling X. fastidiosa-plant interactions. To determine whether predicted open reading frames (ORFs) encoding putative pathogenicity-related(More)
It has been repeatedly shown that synaptically released zinc contributes to excitotoxic neuronal injury in ischemia, epilepsy, and mechanical head trauma. Such zinc-induced injury leaves an unmistakable "footprint" in the injured neurons, allowing an easy and unambiguous postmortem diagnosis. This footprint is the presence of weakly bound, histochemically(More)
The selection of competent oocytes for in vitro maturation is still a major problem during bovine in vitro embryo production. Markers for in vitro cytoplasmic maturation, based on the organization of cortical granule and mitochondria, are lacking. We examined the pre-selection of immature bovine oocytes by brilliant cresyl blue stain (BCB test) based on(More)
It is well established that sibutramine produces weight loss and is used frequently in women of childbearing age. However, the potential adverse consequences attributed to sibutramine use by women who may become pregnant is not known. It was thus of interest to determine the effects of sibutramine on the reproductive performance of pregnant rats. Overweight(More)
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