Denise Rieux

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Envenomation by the Bothrops lanceolatus, a snake found only in Martinique, leads to swelling and pain, and occasionally to systemic signs and/or coagulopathy. Severe thromboses at some distance from the site of the bite may appear within 48 hr. Uncertainties as to the actual development of thrombotic complications in patients appearing to be suffering from(More)
Adrenal involvement in the course of a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) appears to occur relatively often, but only seven cases of NHL-induced adrenal insufficiency were found in a recent review of the literature. The authors report four cases of hypoadrenalism in 127 patients treated for NHL; the cases were staged and classified according to the Working(More)
Four cases of severe strongyloidiasis in Martinique patients are reported. Clinical features were typical of the affection, and the outcome was fatal in two cases. Fibroscopy findings were negative but larvae were demonstrated in biopsy specimens in 3 out of the 4 cases. A barium meal follow-through examination showed the different radiological images of(More)
Star fruit intoxications have been reported mainly in uremic patients, leading to various degrees of neurological symptoms and potentially fatal outcomes. Nephrotoxicity has been reported in few patients with normal renal function or moderate chronic renal impairment (CRI). The present report describes clinical course, management, and outcome of six(More)
Radiopathological examinations were conducted on a frozen laryngeal specimen to determine its characteristics as seen on the CT scan image. Results of CT scan imaging of 37 patients with laryngeal cancer were then compared with results of clinicopathological examination in 20 cases (after fixation and decalcification, the 20 samples were sectioned in axial(More)
To facilitate the interpretation of the scanographic findings in fractures of the calcaneus, the authors have achieved an anatomo-radiologic correlation in terms of the classical coronal, sagittal and horizontal planes. Clinically, the sagittal plane can be obtained only by reconstruction. The 2 other planes permit study of the sustentaculum tali and(More)
Sinusitis is mentioned as one complication of nasotracheal intubation. 30 patients admitted to the I.C.U. and prolonged intubated (+5 days) underwent clinical examination and C.T. scan: 23 C.T. scan revealed anomalies and 5 sinusitis. One patient had blood cultures positive for the organism present on nasal cultures. Patients nasally intubated are at risk(More)
Computerized Metrizamide ventriculomyelography consists of CT exploration of the head and neck performed one hour after introduction of Metrizamide into the lateral ventricle via a frontal burr hole. This procedure permits visualisation of all soft-tissue anomalies present in Chiari malformation with hydromyelia as seen in two cases.