Denise P McGinnis

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BACKGROUND Approximately 40 countries in Central and South America have experienced local vector-born transmission of Zika virus, resulting in nearly 300,000 total reported cases of Zika virus disease to date. Of the cases that have sought care thus far in the region, more than 70,000 have been reported out of Colombia. OBJECTIVE In this paper, we use(More)
The behavior of beam pickup and kickers subjected to the electromagnetic fields of relativistic charged particles is examined. The concept of image currents is explained. The frequency domain response of a simple stripline pickup is derived and the behavior of kickers is explained through Lorentz reciprocity.
Identifying environmental exposures associated with blood pressure is a priority. Recently, we proposed the environment-wide association study to search for and replicate environmental factors associated with phenotypes. We conducted the environment-wide association study (EWAS) using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (1999-2012) which(More)
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