Denise P. Kalm

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Having trouble making robust legacy applications talk to hot new Web applications? Trying to manage business transactions with your partners when everyone is running their proprietary software on different platforms? Simple, flexible interoperability is the “holy grail” and happens to be analogous to the challenges we all face when we try to communicate(More)
What is the career path for a performance analyst? A capacity planner? Most technicians paid their dues in the trenches of systems programming or operations. Having done it all, there can appear to be few interesting challenges left. Move up in your industry to become a strategic planner or a systems architect. Analytic modeling is the number one tool to(More)
Performance management is the most thankless job. If performance is good, the perception is that you are not needed. If response time is lagging, you are a failure. Even when the measurements look good, if the end user is unhappy, again, you have failed to meet your goals. Managing expectations, end users, colleagues, business managers and your boss – these(More)