Denise O'Shaunessey

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To date, no dominant mutation has been identified in a significant proportion of patients with type 1 von Willebrand disease (VWD). In this study, we examined 70 families as part of the Canadian Type 1 VWD Study. The entire VWF gene was sequenced for 1 index case, revealing 2 sequence variations: intron 30 (5312-19A>C) and exon 28 at Tyr1584Cys (4751A>G).(More)
The efficacy and safety of Optivate(®) was assessed in 23 surgical operations, orthopaedic (12) including 5 revision arthroplasties, ophthalmic (1), ENT (1), dental (6), liver biopsy (2), and removal of portacath (1) on 15 teenagers and adults with severe haemophilia A. The preoperative dose was calculated to raise the FVIII concentration to 100 IU dL(-1).(More)
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