Denise Mortimore

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We investigate applying an evolutionary algorithm (EA) to the design of a passive optical network (PON). We use three techniques to improve the performance. Firstly, to reduce the risk of sub-optimal convergence, we use a novel genetic encoding. Secondly, we combine the EA with a heuristic to guide the optimisation. Thirdly, we investigate various ways of(More)
AIM In this retrospective survey women with and without self-reported postpartum depression (PPD) were compared in regards to consumption-frequency of foods and supplements rich in nutrients beneficial to nervous system (NS) health, in regards to consumption-frequency of compounds which may counteract the effect of the above and in regards to nutritional(More)
AIM The purpose of this study is to explore whether the types and quality of breakfast could influence energy levels (blood glucose levels) and propose ideal breakfast models. BACKGROUND It is widely considered that a regular breakfast provides a number of health benefits; however, there is no general scientific agreement regarding what kind of food(More)
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